Green Mountain Photographic Workshops Client Testimonials

Lisa Lacasse, Vermont

“I run the Quechee Area Camera Club in Vermont. That’s how I first met Kurt – I asked him to come and present to the club. Since that first meeting he’s been the club’s favorite speaker and has taught Lightroom Classes for us as well as in the field landscape workshops. His teaching style is casual, fun, inspiring and he’s great at it! Plain and simple he’s one of the best teachers I have come across. As photographers, we are all on a journey to be inspired, get to the next level and have fun while we figure it all out. A workshop needs to be a place to explore your own creativity while exploring new places, learning new techniques and developing your own creative vision.   All of this happens when you take a workshop with Kurt Budliger and GMPW. Make no mistake – there are photographers out there who run workshops so they can shoot – that’s not Kurt. He will pick up his camera and show you some compositional ideas and how he would set up the shot but his main focus is his students. He wants you to learn, to capture the world as you see it and make better photographs. He’s comfortable looking in your viewfinder and he’s comfortable with you looking in his – it’s what works for you, the student. He spends time during the workshop on post processing and is equally proficient in both Lightroom and Photoshop, and his teaching style makes it easy to learn. Workshops with Kurt are the complete package – He is great at communicating what to bring and where to be, takes you to fabulous locations, field and classroom sessions are full of laughter, stories, new friendships and of course you’ll learn to make awesome images. I have taken several of Kurt’s workshops and will continue to take them – to learn, to be inspired, and to have fun. Kurt has helped take my photography to the next level and beyond!   I look forward to the next adventure with one of the best instructors I have ever had.” See more of Lisa’s work here  

Jason Darr, British Columbia

“I’m a new photographer, and I can honestly say that I have progressed so fast after taking a couple of workshops with Kurt Budliger. It’s one thing to read about composition, and study settings in your camera etc, but it’s a whole other level to see what a pro sees through YOUR viewfinder. Having the ability to stand over their shoulder and watch how they approach a scene is just not something you can learn anywhere else. It has most certainly had the largest impact on my growth as a photographer. It’s a great benefit to get a guided tour of the areas that you’re visiting also, but what is really amazing is having a pro like Kurt look over your shoulder, and show you just how close you are from taking an amazing shot instead of just a good shot. What I also really liked about his workshop was that there were less people in the group. You get a little more hands on help should you need it, and there are plenty of opportunities to take great photos without having to fight with your fellow photographers for space (which can be an issue in larger groups). It’s invaluable to have someone like Kurt critique your work with a trained eye and an honest but encouraging voice. Kurt is an amazing instructor, patient and organized. I would highly recommend his workshops.” See more of Jason’s work at    

Scott Allen, Idaho

“After hearing about Kurt, from several friends that I’ve met in other workshops, I was quite looking forward to learning from and shooting with “the man, the myth, the legend – Kurt Budliger.”

After the workshop in Grand Teton National Park, I can see how that reputation is even a bit understated. Kurt is truly a wealth of knowledge who brings it ALL, from the “classroom” to the field and back again in a simple, concise, and easy to understand way, no matter what level of photography you may be at (which when you’re always trying to digest so much info, is greatly appreciated).

Over and over Kurt proved himself to be an amazing teacher and photographer, as well as keeping a “let’s have a lot of fun” attitude the entire time. I truly cannot recommend his workshops enough to anyone looking to learn and improve every aspect of their photography. I know I’ll be on many more through the years (it was just way too much fun)!!!”

See more of Scott’s work here


Deanna Peters, Maryland

“Kurt leads a fantastic workshop!  To state the obvious to anyone who has seen his portfolio, he has an inspiring and humbling talent and eye.  You learn quickly on his workshops that Kurt delivers much more to his participants — an undying enthusiasm, vast knowledge, and constant encouragement.  From the beginning introductions, Kurt learned every participant’s goals and made sure that he was attentive to everyone, no matter their skill level, so that each of us could emerge a more confident and skilled photographer.  And equally as important, the atmosphere is relaxed, fun, and energizing, with Kurt leading a great group dynamic.

It is amazing to discover landscape scenery that you’ve never seen before.  It is even better to experience it with an instructor who loves the outdoors, has a passion for teaching, and helps you capture the true spirit of the places that you are visiting and photographing.  I learned a ton from Kurt and can’t wait to join another of his workshops in the future.”


Alexandra Steedman, New York

“I have been on two workshops led by Kurt – the first was to beautiful Olympic National Park. I enjoyed that trip so much that I signed up for another – this time to Iceland. Kurt is a fantastic leader – He is easy going, smart, funny, and GENUINELY passionate about his craft. His photography is stunning – and he truly wants to help his students produce stunning imagery as well.

Iceland was a blast – on the second night of the trip we went to this incredible waterfall that is hidden away – off the beaten path – and we had the whole place to ourselves. I was struggling a bit at one point – I wanted to wade out into the moving water to get a better angle, but was a bit wary. I’m a city girl folks! Kurt saw this and waded out ahead of me, took my tripod for me, and encouraged me the whole way. He explained and demonstrated there and then techniques to get those ‘wow’ images, to draw the viewer right into the photograph. I took some of the best images of my life on this trip!

Of course if you don’t need that kind of help (and many didn’t) that’s cool too – every one had their own comfort zone. The camaraderie on these trips was great – I still keep in touch with many of my fellow travelers. There are many reasons to take one of Kurt’s workshops – From image capture to post processing he is a wiz and will enthusiastically share his knowledge with you, everything is well planned and researched so you can just concentrate on getting the best imagery and having a fantastic time. And you will! I can’t wait for the next workshop. Thanks Kurt!!”


Paul Simon, Florida

“I have been fortunate to work with Kurt over the past several years to improve my photographic skills. It would be an understatement to say that I have benefited from our time together. From basic skills such as composition, exposure etc. to more advanced subjects such as panoramas, blending, and long exposures have all been discussed and worked on. In his workshops, he has been personable, attentive to detail and willing to review images of mine at a later date and offer valuable constructive criticism.  It is this combination of his character and expertise which distinguishes his workshops and makes them highly sought after. I would not hesitate to continue to take them in the future and am hopeful that our relationship will continue.”

See more of Paul’s work here


Shawn Toffola, Michigan

“Thank you for a fantastic experience during the Olympic photography workshop!  I really did not know what to expect since it was my first time participating in a workshop.  I’ve never even been out shooting anything with any other photographer(s) before!
I thought I would provide you with a list of things that I can take away from my experience with you, Mitch, and the other photographers on this workshop.
1)  Working the composition.  For me, this was the most powerful tool I obtained during the workshop.  Not that I have perfected this by any means, but I was able to begin to see how a photograph is not just a representation of what you are viewing, but a composition of elements to direct a viewer’s attention to the desired subject.  I mentioned one of my biggest problems is trying to include too much in my photographs (the “paragraph”).  By working the composition, I seem to be able to focus more on a central theme and limit the frame to objects that support my objective.  I have a feeling this will be a continual process, but it is exciting to have this awareness!  The little pointers you handed out and the review of group images helped considerably with this.
2)  As Bob Dylan would say, the times they are a-changin’…
“Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone…”
Yes, this sounds like hitting the beach for a photo shoot when the tide is rising and the temperature is dropping!  In my case, I learned that scenes can change dramatically due to light, weather, wind, etc.  The same scene is never the same scene again.  You must figure out the best way to approach the setting given what is presented to you.  This also means you have an opportunity to create a unique photo, even if you have been to the same location before.  This was very apparent when we revisited the same site more than once.
3)  Filters, filters, filters!!!  Prior to this outing, I had very few filters in my kit and used the workshop as an excuse to purchase some.  The polarizer and ND filters open up so many opportunities to give my pictures a whole new look.  Note to self…make sure to wipe off filters when working around water to remove water drops (argh!).
4)  I love my tripod.  I’ve had my tripod for a while, but rarely take it with me.  Mainly because I always thought I could get away using a wider aperture and my short hikes through the local woods never presented me with a scenario where I thought a tripod would be a great benefit.  Too many websites will have you believe that shallow depth of field is “creative”.  I believe it is a good selling tool for fast lenses, low light handheld shooting, and in-body (or lens) stabilization but there is definite place for tripods.  It also helps me as a novice to take time, slow down, and think about the composition of my photos.
5)  Mistakes are another opportunity to learn.  As I go through my files from the week, I find little niggles with each shot…water droplets, not enough depth of field, leaves blurred by the wind, not enough room on one of the edges, a what-the-heck-was-I-thinking shot…  But amidst all of the mistakes, there are positives to take out of each image also.  I used to be able to identify some mistakes, but now I am actively thinking about how to avoid them too.
I’m not sure if this group was representative of all photographers or if I just got lucky, but the attitude and enthusiasm of everyone was very positive all around.  I really do believe that it takes a special instructor to accommodate all the various levels of skill and experience and you you did a great job with our group.
Just being around all these talented people and the different approaches each person took for the same scene was a great learning experience.  My only regret is that I didn’t participate in a workshop before now.  It was time and money well spent.”

Mike Petrucco, New York

“It was consistently clear that Kurt’s focus was on the students from beginning to end. It was rare to see him take any time to create his own images. He was a teacher first and photographer second throughout the week. If I get the opportunity to attend another workshop, it will definitely be with Kurt and GMPW.”

Scott Erskine, New Hampshire

“Besides being an excellent photographer, Kurt is an exceptional teacher who shares his passion for photography and nature with class participants. It was quite evident that he enjoys the interaction between teacher and student. He has a very easy-going manner, is quite personable, and patiently helps students work through various shooting situations. He is quick to offer suggestions. His selection of shooting locations was noteworthy. I look forward to attending another of his workshops in the near future.”

Janice Roudebush, California

“Kurt did an excellent job in providing flexibility with the every changing weather. The location choices allowed different shooting options and provided enough space that we could separate and not feel like we were crowing another photographer. Even with us spread about Kurt managed to get to us during each venue and responded to those who had questions. For me, it was a great workshop. I would never every have found the locations on my own, and they were all beautiful and inspiring. In addition to improving our ability as a photographer, we had the opportunity to learn about and how to use equipment and the importance of that equipment to enhancing our photography. Our group was great about sharing their knowledge and helping each other out, another one of those benefits of working within a group, and I think that the way Kurt organized the workshop, provided the atmosphere for this to happen.”

John Foehl

“This was my first photo tour so I didn’t know what to really expect. Suffice to say that I had a great time and would highly recommend Green Mountain Photo Workshops. Kurt is an excellent instructor who is also very engaging. The small tour size means you get to know everyone in the group and also allows for a lot of interaction between the instructor and the participants.”

Michael Jack

“I have taken several workshops before this one but both enjoyed it more and learned more from it in the time spent than any other workshop. Kurt’s knowledgeable, practical and common sense advice was really helpful to those of us who are at the intermediate or advanced non-professional level. His flexibility in finding locations to suit the conditions and providing shooting direction were unsurpassed.”

Wayne Tabor, Texas

“If you are feeling peaked out or on a plateau with your photography, taking this workshop may re-energize you and give you the boost you need to reach your potential. I know it pushed me into seeing that I am just a hair’s breadth from being where I want to be. You will be stimulated and encouraged by the experiences Kurt provides. He is a natural teacher and keeps it interesting as well as fun.”